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$15,000 Credit Builder



How long will the line remain on my file?

It will stay open for 1 year and then you can renew for another year. If you choose not to renew it will show as closed / paid.

Are there any additional charges to keep the line reporting?

No, but you will get a monthly bill stating a payment of $125 is due; please keep for your records; but this payment was premade by you so nothing else is due.

Will there be a balance reported to my credit?

Yes, there will be a $500 balance that will show a monthly payment of $125 being made for 4 months; after that will show a Zero balance; hence the reason for the monthly statements.

Does this tradeline come with any history?

No, but it will show the previous month which is when the account was opened.

Can I report this line to my CPN?

No, we do not accept CPN’s and if you apply and the line doesn’t post there will be no refunds.

Can I add a joint user to this account?

No each account is individual.

Do you check my credit?

We do a soft-pull which has no effect on your credit.


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